It’s a stressful time for gift-givers all year round—and with it, the pressure to find gifts for your favorite and most difficult-to-shop-for people. Why risk a re-gifting scenario (or worse, a return and exchange trip) when you can make it easy on both of you by getting them something they’ll use? Yes, we’re talking about gift cards, but it doesn’t have to be as chilly as it sounds.

How to Choose the Best Gift Cards for Yourself and Others

You could buy generic restaurant gift cards and call it a day, but people with finicky tastes (read: foodies) or who live in areas where the restaurant isn’t open may not appreciate it. Gift certificates to businesses that offer both online and physical shopping are an easy way to please your most particular friends.

And when you know their favorite stores, planning to get them online gift cards can ensure they don’t miss out on holidays.

The Best Last-Minute Online Gift Cards

We’ve put up a list of the best online gift cards to buy for various individuals, from foodies and fitness enthusiasts to friends and family who are thirstier for knowledge.

1. Blue Apron

If your friend is a foodie and has the time and willingness to cook in her kitchen, the perfect solution is Blue Apron. It’s a home food delivery service that provides seasonal recipes with pre-planned grocery lists and all the cooking tools needed to get out of the kitchen and into the dining room. Start your meal prep by shopping for a Blue Apron gift card at their official website.

What We Like: Your recipient can select from a wide range of menu options, including signature dishes featuring well-known meats (such as pork roasts and hearty curries), as well as vegetarian choices for mouthwatering meat-free meals.

2. Gold Belly

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but sometimes people can’t help it. It has never been more accurate than with the innovative Gold Belly gift card that’s made of 24-karat gold leaf affixed to recycled paper. Limited edition and affordable at $10 per card, the purchase is guilt-free for you—after all, you’re buying a gift for someone else! And they can certainly argue that it’s got lasting, luxurious value.

There are also several great gift ideas from world-famous chefs, including Jose Andres and Daniel Boulud, Nancy Silverton and Stephanie Izard (of Girl and the Goat), and Ina Garten (also known as the Barefoot Contessa) and vegan cheesesteaks from drummer Questlove.

3. Door Dash

Door Dash is the most efficient way to get food you’re craving delivered right to your door when dinner time rolls around. Started in 2013 by four Stanford students, the service is available in more than 600 cities, including New York City and Los Angeles. Their website lists all the participating restaurants, which you can browse for a good last-minute option or buy Door Dash gift cards at their official site.

What We Like: Forget fighting with crowds to pick up your favorite pizza slice—you can get it delivered faster than you could call for one.

4. MasterClass All-Access Pass

An online education platform that’s beautifully designed, MasterClass allows anyone to take classes from nearly 100 of the world’s best instructors, including Aaron Sorkin, Gordon Ramsay, James Patterson, and Serena Williams. A story-driven learning tool, MasterClass includes a complete curriculum with lessons on writing for television and film, performing on stage, and creating the perfect meal, along with other classes like tennis instruction, photography basics, and beat-boxing.

What We Like: Your recipient can learn almost anything online at their pace—and even if they’re not into cooking, the gift of knowledge is always welcome.

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5. Nike Gift Card

For someone who lives and breathes fitness—but doesn’t want to go outside in the freezing winter weather—a Nike gift card will get them out of hibernation and back on their feet with an impressive new wardrobe and gym bag. The official website carries a wide selection of Nike gift cards, which you can use to outfit them for sports and daily workouts.

What We Like: The ability to give the perfect last-minute gift online from anywhere in the world.

Wrap Up

No matter the occasion, there’s always an opportunity to give a gift. If you haven’t gotten around to purchasing one for someone until now, don’t worry! There are still plenty of online options that will let you buy the perfect present in just a few clicks—including Blue Apron, Gold Belly, Door Dash, MasterClass, and Nike gift cards.

Avoid the hassle of regifting and give them a gift card that they can use for anything they truly desire. These gift cards are readily available online, and you can purchase them even on your way to an event or celebration. No matter the occasion, there’s always an opportunity to give a gift. Give them something they’ll truly love.

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